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Strategic Theme 5

Enabling our Ambitions

Enabling our Ambitions
We led the way when we introduced our current operating model and our Think Yes culture, and they have underpinned our journey to excellence. However, we want to deliver a second transformative step change to deliver our vision for Wheatley in 2026. To do this we need to seize the opportunity to create a re-configured digitally enabled and empowered business that fully harnesses the benefits of technology for both our customers and our business.

We will make digital feel personal, so that we retain the strong relationship we have with our customers, and they continue to feel we care about them. We will channel our investment in new technologies to those business activities that can be reshaped by technology to enhance value to our customers and drive business value that contributes directly to our five overarching strategic themes.

Strategic outcomes
▪ Raising the funding to support our ambitions
▪ Maintaining a strong credit rating and managing financial risks
▪ Evolving digital platforms to support our activities
▪ Influencing locally and nationally to benefit our communities.

Maintain rent increases at an affordable level


Maintain a strong investment credit rating of A+ stable


Over 50% of customers actively using their online account


Lowther rental customers have an online account
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