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Strategic Theme 3

Changing Lives and Communities

Changing Lives and Communities
Our aim is to deliver safe, calm and peaceful neighbourhoods where people want to live. We have set a challenging target that by 2026 over two thirds of our customers will live in neighbourhoods they classify as peaceful, building on the community resilience evidenced during the pandemic.

Wheatley will be a key partner in tackling homelessness at national and local level. Between 2021 and 2026 we anticipate housing around 10,000 homeless households.

As the economic impact of the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis is likely to be felt throughout the strategy period, we will redesign our services to build resilience in households. We will also build resilience through neighbourhood plans created from customer feedback, insight and use the Wheatley place measure tool to understand the strengths and improvements needed for neighbourhoods.

Strategic outcomes
▪ Shaping Care services for the future
▪ Developing peaceful and connected neighbourhoods
▪ Supporting economic resilience in our communities.


Homeless households provided with a warm, safe home


Jobs, training and apprenticeship opportunities created


Of neighbourhoods classified as peaceful


Care customers receiving services digitally
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