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Strategic Theme 1

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience
Providing exceptional customer experiences is, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do. Our customers deserve the very best and through the life of this strategy, that is what we will deliver. We will provide much greater choices for our customers, supporting them to take control and draw down services at a time that suits them. Our 24/7 Customer First Centre will play a key role in the delivery of exceptional customer experience. Its combination of highly skilled staff and experienced housing, Lowther and repairs specialists will make it the most efficient way for tenants to get over 90% of day-to-day issues resolved and questions answered quickly.

This will free up housing officers to be ever more present in our communities taking a proactive role in ensuring our customers and communities are supported effectively.

Digital will be an increasingly important element of our service delivery and engagement, but we will ensure no-one is left behind. Our approach to engagement will increasingly be digital and online, broadening our reach and providing customers with ease of access at a time and in a way that suits them.

Strategic outcomes
▪ Progressing from Excellent to Outstanding
▪ Enabling customers to lead
▪ Developing a customer-led repairs service
▪ Differentiating Lowther from its competitors.


Customer satisfaction as we deliver outstanding services


Tenants regularly engaging through our new structures


Care customers satisfied with the overall service


Tenant satisfaction with value for money
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