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Strategic Theme 4

Developing our Shared Capability

Developing our Shared Capability
The importance of embracing digital opportunities has never been more strongly felt than at the height of the pandemic. We will build on the significant progress made during this time to enhance the skills and confidence of our staff and customers to engage in an increasingly digital world. Digitally enabled staff will be equipped to work from any location and our face-to-face staff will be mobile, allowing us to respond with increasing agility to changing customer demands.

Our creative community hubs will be very different from traditional offices. They will be both virtual and physical spaces, bringing great places to work, community learning, social connections, access to partner services and engagement opportunities right into the heart of our communities.

We will strengthen our focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) through our Different Together approach. Its focus on ensuring EDI is reflected in our organisation and in everything we do will enhance our ability to Think Yes Together.

Strategic outcomes
▪ W.E. Think – creating our "Thinking Yes Together" culture
▪ W.E. Create – driving innovation
▪ W.E. Work – strengthening the skills and agility of our staff.


Recruit 50 graduates


Implement our Thinking Yes Together culture


Staff feel appreciated for the work they do


Young people provided with work experience
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