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Strategic Theme 2

Making the Most of our Homes and Assets

Making the Most of our Homes and Assets
We will continue to use our financial strength to invest a further £1.5 billion over the life of this strategy. Our journey to Net Zero will focus on ensuring it is a just transition for our tenants, with a focus on ensuring we prioritise areas that benefit our tenants such as improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. We will also focus on our preparation for zero-emissions heating systems in new-build homes by 2024 and achieve Scottish Passivhaus Equivalent standard by 2025/26.

Making the most of our homes and assets goes beyond building new homes and investing in existing ones. Our renewed vision for neighbourhoods is one where our customers feel safe and secure and live in peaceful communities. A place where our customers have access to people and services and where our customers are empowered to make decisions about services within their communities.

Strategic outcomes
▪ Increasing the supply of new homes
▪ Investing in existing homes and environments
▪ Setting the benchmark for sustainability and reducing carbon footprint
▪ Building community voice, engagement and resilience.


New homes built


invested in improving and modernising our existing homes and a further £365 million on repairs and maintenance


Net-zero corporate carbon footprint by 2026


Reduce CO2 emissions from our homes by 4000 tonnes per year
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